Talent Match

Harmonia chinese New Year Benefit Concert


Marketing Campaign for Music Competition and Live Show


We recruited musicians to participate in the original music production contest, and called for students to attend the finalist music showcase. My marketing team collaborated every step, from setting the visual style to distributing bilingual content on social media.


Visual theme

color scheme and logo design


Recruiting artists



The collaborative nature of this competition called for us to target diverse artists, while also ensuring our theme stays consistent and clear whether we communicate with Chinese or English-speaking college audiences. We achieved engagement with both through a distinct strategy for each social media platform.



We crafted a cohesive visual image for our Instagram platform by leveraging the grids unique to this photo-centric app. Our efforts lifted post engagement by over 3x. Check out the full picture at our official page.



We focused on writing Chinese copy for the biggest social media app in China, in a tone and language relevant to the millennial internet culture among Chinese students abroad.



Final showcase



Keeping audiences engaged


Listen to Talent Match teams' tracks on SoundCloud!


And check out some pictures from the showcase.